Physical Properties
design type radial fan
air supply 3300 m³/h
pressure pt 460 Pa
speed controllable yes
impeller radial
size 250 mm
mounting Built-in fan and Built-on fan
Air direction at order
Thermokontakt yes
Possible temperature at nominal current -10 °C bis 60 °C
air supplyNenn 3000 m³/h
rotation speedNenn 1450 U/min
Electrical Properties
  Three-phase motor
voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz
other voltages not specified
Imax 1,80 A
Protection class IP 44 to IP 54
other Protection classes not specified
Heat class F and H
Star / delta connection yes
Material properties
Material steel ring
surface galvanized or powder-coated
impeller galvanized steel sheet
stainless steel (V2A , V4A) possible
Offshore modell not specified
Application examples
mechanical engineering cooling, air transport
industrial kitchen extractor fan

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Please get further data from the data sheet:
Radialfan ED250


The radial fan might be also deliverable into high-grade steel and for the offshore use at a corresponding execution, see high-grade steel ventilators and offshore ventilators.

built-on ventilator
available from stock

built-in ventilator
available from stock


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